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Ginger Beer
There is nothing as refreshing as cold ginger beer on a scorcher of a day! Ginger Beer is a traditional drink as well. It was quite popular - and made frequently - in the days before fizzy drinks became readily available, especially on New Year.

Ginger Beer is a key ingredient in some of our favourite warm-weather drinks.  We have created a potent Ginger Beer with a pepper-pack punch.  Fans of super-spicy Ginger Beer will never reach fo a bottle of the store bought stuffe again.

Our Ginger Beer has been fermented with yeast to create carbonation and not like Ginger Ale which gets its fizz from being force carbonated with CO2.  It's a distinction you can taste.  Our Ginger Beer is chock full of authentic spice, making it an ideal candidate for cocktails, while Ginger Ales are typically sweeter, with little (if any) real ginger flavour.